The Overlapping Boards of the MAD/RSF Nonprofit Network

The table below exposes the overlapping boards and glaring potential conflicts of interest within a network of related MAD/RSF private nonprofit foundations that seem to have been transacting with each other for many years.

Michael Arlen Davis (MAD) appears to be a - "Disqualified Person" - with respect to transactions with Rudolf Steiner Foundation (RSF) and its related entities, by statutory definition, particularly because MAD is a - "Significant Donor" - to RSF. 

A Disqualified Person is any person in a position to exercise substantial influence over the affairs of the applicable tax-exempt organization. Moreover, significant donors and their family members are viewed as disqualified persons, by definition. It is not necessary that the disqualified person(s) actually exercise substantial influence, only that the person be in a position to do so.  

Evidence provided in this website confirms MAD has been a  significant donor to RSF since the early 2000s, and probably sooner. 

It is right ask whether or not transactions between related MAD and RSF 501(C)(3) private nonprofit foundations are - "Self Dealing" - in nature, and therefore in violation of IRS rules.

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Dayisun Tingri

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