The Web of MAD/RSF Private Nonprofit Foundations

Tracking the flow of Michael Arlen Davis (MAD) charitable grant money through a web of non profit private foundations shows the self-serving nature of Davis' supposedly "charitable" works.

Michael A. Davis started creating the network of "non-for-profit" entities through which he would conduct his schemes in 2001, shortly after the death of his father, the controversial AARP founder Leonard Davis

The flow of Davis nonprofit money starts with annual grants from his trust fund into his Skywords Family Foundation. Skywords/Davis then allocates the charitable portion, largely to Davis and RSF related entities, who can then cycle the grant money further.

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Davis’ pattern of charitable giving reported in his own IRS form 990 filings supports that Davis and RSF have been an active and purposeful investment partnership since no later than 2001, shortly after Davis suddenly inherited a vast fortune due to the unexpected death of his notoriously controversial father Leonard Davis.

As “Deep Throat” advised during the Watergate era, “Follow the money..." 

Review of Skywords Foundation’s IRS filings for years 2003 - 2014 reveals the self-serving nature of the Chairman for Life Davis’ supposed altruism.

During the eleven years studied, about 93% of all charitable monies granted by Davis' Skywords Family Foundation went to entities either heavily influenced, or controlled outright by Davis and/or Rudolf Steiner Foundation.

The benifits to Davis/RSF are readily apparent. However, is there a legitimate public benefit that merits the large tax savings that have been accruing to Mr Davis and his partners for well over a decade? 

Some bio-dynamic food for thought.

Dayisun Tngri 

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