Cyanotech's entrenched "Chairman for Life" Michael Arlen Davis

Michael Arlen Davis (MAD) is the largest shareholder of publicly traded Cyanotech Corporation (CYAN: Nasdaq) as well as the company's entrenched "Chairman for Life."

MAD has also been a very Significant Donor to Cyanotech's second largest shareholder, Rudolf Steiner Foundation (RSF) and its related entities for over fifteen years.

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Because chairman Davis has been such a significant donor to Rudolf Steiner Foundation, he is by statutory definition a "Disqualified Person" under IRS rules with respect to transactions with Rudolf Steiner Foundation, and its related entities (such as Cyanotech).

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Davis directly, and indirectly through RSF,  controls 33% of the publicly traded voting stock of Cyanotech Corporation.  Davis acquired this stake over a period of years,  periodically engaging in a "parking" scheme whereby he transferred shares to RSF in order to conceal the extent of the secret "group's" combined holdings.

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Michael Arlen Davis (MAD) is very much the biological son of Leonard Davis (pictured below) the controversial AARP founder whose involvement with that organization appears scrubbed from its official histories, due in no small part to the determined investigative reporting efforts of legendary CBS 60 Minutes journalist Andy Rooney.

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Controversial AARP Founder Leonard Davis (natural?)
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Controversial AARP Founder Leonard Davis (nosejob?)
Not that it matters, but compare the "publicity photo" of Leonard Davis immediately above to the other more candid photo of Leonard Davis above in this blog post. It seems Davis Senior's "publicity photo" above may have been altered?