Gerald Cysewski

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Gerald Cysewski is the company founder who has been Cyanotech's CEO, and then not CEO, several times over the years.  The usual pattern is Gerald is replaced by more experienced professional managers, and then he steps back-in when they displease Chairman Davis and get fired.

Mr. Cysewski has been interim CEO since Davis forced former CEO Brent Bailey to resign in April 2016. Bailey's termination was without warning, and soon before he was due to receive a significant block of compensation stock owed to him after his five years of dutiful employment.

Mr. Cysewski is believed to be a good guy who Mr. Davis has essentially bullied into submission over the years, Davis seems to have the predatory instincts to take full advantage of Cysewski's inability to  protect himself against Davis, a guy who seems far too comfortable paying his lawyers a lot of money, particularly shareholder money.

Mr. Cysewski did not grow up in a lawsuit oriented household. He has little or no other corporate experience away from Cyanotech; and only knows corporate life as experienced under Davis’ entrenched control regime, which can seem a bit North Korean at times ;-) In other words,  it is much healthier to just follow orders, especially as a 70 year old Hawaii-based good guy algae farmer.

Who can reasonably blame Mr. Cysewski for not opposing Davis?  The Chairman had his personal law firm installed as Cyanotech’s corporate council. He has the lawyers, the money, and the demonstrated will to use those tools punitively on anyone who displeases him. Plus, Davis pays Mr Cysewski, and provides his healthcare coverage and other benefits, which makes Cyanotech’s founder that much more dependent on Davis regardless of his treatment.