What is Shenoa LLC?

Orgasmic Meditation? Really?
Shenoa LLC was formed by Davis in DE on 7/28/2015. The entity appears owned by Davis' Ginungagap Foundation. Shenoa LLC and Ginungagap also share the same registered agent and Juanita Lane address.

Shenoa is a spectacular "eco resort" property located about a five mile car ride from Filigreen Farm, and likely a shorter hike. Driving directions from from Filigreen Farm to Shenoa - 18501 VanZandt Road, Philo CA - are provided below. Click on the image to examine a larger version

On 12/22/2016 a sale of the Shenoa property to an entity called "The Land LLC" was recorded in Mendocino County,  at a price of $4.5M,  not the $4.9M price in the screenshot below. Click on the image below for more information about the Shenoa property:


The screenshot below from Parcelquest  confirms "The Land LLC" purchased the Shenoa property on 12/22/16 for $4.5M. Note that "Shenoa Resort" is comprised of four land parcels -- 046-031-40-00,  046-031-42-00,  046--031-45-00,  046-110-53-00 -- and that Mendo County records confirm the four land parcels were included in the 12/22 sale.  Click on the image below to review a larger version.

A related $5M mortgage was recorded on 12/22/16 as well (see Mendocino County document 2016.17503).  As can be seen in the image below,  the mailing address of  the borrower - "The Land LLC"- is c/o Kevin Williams, 4 Greenwood Ct, Tiburon, CA 94920,  a very convenient location for Davis to check the mail. According to Zillow this property was offered for rent as recently as July 2016. It appears Mr Williams could be yet another front - similar to the Carslons, Tebbutt, and RSF - employed by Davis to obscure his investment activities.  Click on the image below to review a larger version.

The 12/22/16 transaction date appears no coincidence. 12/22 is traditionally the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, and a day that carries great significance for the new age pagan spirituality shared by Davis and his RSF partners. 12/22 is also the anniversary of Yggdrasil Land Foundation's official Filigreen Farm land acquisition--12/22/2000

The Shenoa Property opened in January 2017 as "The Land Retreat Center."  Click on the image below to review "The Land" website: https://the-land.us/#


The language on "The Land" website sounds quite similar to language used on the Canobie Films website (see below). Although I have never met Mrs Davis (Janet Jyll Johnstone) I suspect she might be the narrator of the video on "The Land's" website.

"While calling The Land an eco-retreat might be going too far, our decisions are always guided by our imperative of being responsible stewards of the land and good neighbors. We’ve always loved old buildings and old things, and like to think these objects possess a spirit of the past and that history has some weight and substance. Secondly, it just makes sense from several perspectives to reuse our resources whenever possible. Most of the buildings at The Land are old."   from The Land Retreat Center Website

"Our family is partners with two others in a modest, diverse Biodynamic farm in Mendocino County, California. The Anderson Valley, like much of Northern California, had once been home to a wide variety of fruit cultivation, but is no longer. Our partners are attempting a return to a more traditional and balanced farm ecosystem."  from "Jyll Johnstone Shares Her Passions" on the Canobie Films website

Orgasmic Meditation?

Anderson Valley Advertiser published the following announcement on 12/9/16.  Click on image to review a larger version:

The story below appeared in the Anderson Valley Advertiser on 12/14/16. As discussed above, Shenoa's sale was recorded in Mendocino County on 12/22/16. Click on the image for a larger version:


I have not found any information that confirms the "One Taste" partners actually own "The Land Retreat Center," just that they run some of their unique "rubbing events" on the property. Their business may be very profitable, but they are in expansion mode in what appears a risky business venture. It is very hard to imagine "One Taste" partners Kandell and Daedone buying, maintaining, and servicing a $5M mortgage on, a Northern CA resort property,  especially without them branding the property much more overtly, especially on social media.

On the other hand, I can easily imagine that the above AVA article is Kandell and Daedone providing yet another front - similar to the Carlsons, Tebbutt, RSF, and possibly Kevin Williams - designed to obscure Michael A. Davis' beneficial ownership,  possibly in return for free facilities usage? Maybe with a "barter" arrangement? It seems too easy to imagine Davis being a huge fan of the "One Taste" suite of services ;-)  Readers are encouraged to do their own Google search (or two ) for "Orgasmic Meditation" and "One Taste".  Some stories are stranger than fiction.

For educational purposes? "One Taste" founder Nicole Daedone.

Based on the evidence (Davis forming Shenoa LLC in particular) it is reasonable to suspect that Michael A. Davis is the beneficial owner of "The Land Retreat Center." It appears ample tax-exempt funding was available to help him buy the property, and service the large mortgage. For example, Davis/Skywords paid historically large charitable cash grants into Ginungagap and Canobie Films, according to their 2013-2015 IRS 990 filings. In addition, RSF reported granting about $415K into Yggdrasil Land Foundation during 2015.

If Davis controls ownership of the property, as suspected, there appears to be no credible evidence of a legitimate charitable public benefit being provided by Davis, although he seems to like using "educational purposes" as a cynical catch-all explanation for his non-profit shell games,  his taxpayer funded accumulation of assets, and his obscene spending on mercenary lawyers to hide from public scrutiny, and avoid the consequences he appears to have earned due to his activities.

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