"Land Laundry" - A History of Shady MAD/RSF Land Trades in Mendocino County CA

Filigreen Farm Real Estate - Land Parcel Maps

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Filigreen Farm Real Estate/Land Parcel Ownership

Filigreen Farm is comprised of twelve land parcels, with ownership of the parcels split between Davis and his RSF partners.

AVW = Anderson Valley Way located in Booneville, CA

Davis rents the seven land parcels owned by Yggdrasil/RSF, apparently for about $15k per year, according to a 30 year lease agreement drafted by Davis' lawyer. The Yggdrasil owned land parcels appear to include the prime wine grape growing land parcels.

Note that the Davis owned land parcels related to 11550 Anderson Valley Way, and 11800 Anderson Valley Way appear to control access from the main road (Anderson Valley Way) to the primary wine grape growing land parcels, leased by Davis for his wine growing operations, at what appears to be a  below fair market price.

Summary timeline of recorded deed transfers related to Filigreen Farm 

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Filigreen Farm Historical Land Parcel Transactions - Key People and their Related Entities

The entities, people, and land parcel transactions listed in the tables below can be found in  documents of record held in Mendocino County, CA.   

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Yggdrasil/Rudolf Steiner Foundation - Land Parcel Transaction History Related to Filigreen Farm

When considered in their totality, these land transactions appear to be a big shell game, ultimately serving to obscure Michael Arlen Davis' beneficial ownership and/or de facto control of the Filgreen Farm related land parcels, while reducing his tax bill at the expense of taxpayers. 

Notice in particular the multiple transactions involving Christopher Mann and Constance Best listed in the table below,  starting with their "Best Mann" partnership's purchase of land parcels on 4/24/95. 

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For example, in May 1996 Mann acquires land as President of shell entity Agriperpetua. In July 1999 Best is President of Agriperpetua, and acquiring land from Mann's nonprofit Skylark entity. In 2000 Mann is back to being President of Agriperpetua. At the same time, Mann is the first President of Yggdrasil Land Foundation, and he plays the role of both buyer and seller on Yggdrasil's inaugural land acquisition. What should a reasonable person view as the true purpose of their multiple land trades with each other?

A summary of "charitable" grant-making activities around Filigreen farm between related MAD and RSF entities.

Michael Arlen Davis Controlled Entities:
  •         Skywords Family Foundation
  •         Ginungagap Foundation (funded and controlled by Skywords)
  •         Filigreen Farm (reported as a taxable entity wholly owned by Davis' Ginungagap Foundation)
Rudolf Steiner Foundation Controlled Entities:
  •        Rudolf Steiner Foundation
  •        Yggdrasil Land Foundation
  •        Agriperpetua
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The highlighted numbers in the table above relate to a quasi-secret land acquisition disclosed in a simple line item in Yggdrasil's 2013 IRS Form 990 filing, without any additional  explanation provided. This largest ever land acquistion by RSF/Yggdrasil was followed in early 2014 by Davis' largest ever infusion of charitable grant money into Filigreen Farm via his Ginungagap Foundation.

It is fair and reasonable to assume that Michael Arlen Davis is the "Undisclosed Donor" reported by RSF in Yggdrasil's 2000 IRS 990. 

Filigreen Farm wine growing operations are reported as a taxable entity that is wholly owned by Davis' nonprofit Ginugagap Foundation. Davis' Ginungagap Foundation is, in turn,  wholly owned and funded by Skywords Family Foundation, Davis' primary nonprofit investment vehicle.

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