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Who is Michael Davis?
 The elephant in the room for shareholders is Chairman Michael Arlen Davis and his recently discovered investment partnership relationship with Rudolf Steiner Foundation (RSF) Cyanotech's second largest shareholder. Davis became Cyanotech's Chairman in 2011, but he started building the 33% control position he enjoys today way back in the early 2000s, shortly following the sudden death of his father, AARP founder Leonard Davis. The sudden passing of Leonard Davis' AARP fortune to his two sons had a profound impact on Michael Arlen Davis, essentially transforming him overnight from a rich kid with an allowance into an extremely wealthy man craving influence and power.
With his new inheritance, Davis went to work with his RSF associates creating a network of purpose-built non profit entities through which he could direct his AARP fortune unobtrusively,  thus evading shareholder or regulator scrutiny.  Mr Davis has long relied on this network of "philanthropic entities" to obscure the nature and intent of his activities, while reducing his cost of capital at the expense of US taxpayers.

Davis and RSF are being sued in Nevada District court by Meridian, Cyanotech's third largest shareholder. Meridian has done a thorough job memorializing the history of Davis' Cyanotech activities through their many SEC and Nevada Court filings. Their public filings are a prime source of content for this website, and shareholders/employees should be very grateful for their efforts.

Link: Cyanotech SEC Filings

A lot of time and effort has also been invested in reviewing the many annual IRS form 990 filings made by Davis and RSF during the 2001 - 2014 period. It seems aspects of Davis/RSF's  IRS and SEC filings can sometimes contradict each other. For example, when Davis and RSF first formed their investment group. IRS and Court filings indicate Davis/RSF formed an investment partnership no later than year 2001. However, Davis/RSF told the SEC in their April 17, 2017 filing that the group formed as of April 17, 2017, which seems absurd and intentionally misleading.

It is time for Cyanotech Shareholders to examine the historical record of Chairman Davis' activities around Cyanotech, especially with respect to Rudolf Steiner Foundation. That Davis orchestrated and funded RSF's rapid accumulation of shares during 2010-2011 in an apparent effort to entrench himself as Chairman, without proper disclosure, is worthy of investor focus and concern. 

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