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The first page of Davis' IRS form 990 filing for his Ginungagap Foundation is provided below. Note that the first page is also the document's signature page.

Click on images below for larger, more readable versions

The following screen shot magnifies the signature portion of Davis' 2011 Ginungagap IRS filing:

Why did Davis wait four months to sign and submit a completed 2011 Ginungagap 990 filing to the IRS?  It seems clear in the images above that Davis' CPA signed the document on July 5, 2012, and Davis signed four months later, on November 2, 2012.

Recall that Davis was named chairman in May 2011. In addition, during 2010-2011, Davis funded the rapid accumulation of a 33% voting control block of public Cyanotech stock, in secret, without providing proper disclosure to the SEC, and to other shareholders, as required by law.

A reasonable person would believe that MAD and RSF were coordinating their IRS 990 filings. Davis also seems to have had four months to (potentially) revise information without further review from his CPA?  If someone has a credible alternative explanation please share in the comments section.

Provided below are the MAD and RSF signature dates found on the IRS 990 filings for their four private nonprofit foundations that are most relevant to Cyanotech:

Provided below are the known dates the IRS 990s were received by the IRS. Notice in particular the delivery dates for the IRS filings for year 2015,  compared to the dates they were signed (see table above):

 What is Michael Arlen Davis trying to hide?

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