Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Exposing Michael A. Davis' concealed takeover of Cyanotech during 2010-2011

It seems abundantly clear that during 2010-2011 Cyanotech's chairman Michael A. Davis:

  • Formed an undisclosed investment group with Rudolf Steiner Foundation (RSF),  to pursue his undisclosed Cyanotech control agenda
  • Forced out Cyanotech's prior chairman Gregg Robertson
  • Rapidly and secretly accumulated a 33% voting stake in public Cyan common stock without filing legally mandated SEC disclosure
  • Began secretly "Parking" a strategic block of public Cyan voting stock at Rudolf Steiner Foundation
  • Paid for, or donated, every single share of Cyanotech common stock held by RSF for Davis' benefit
  • Set up Rudolf Steiner Foundation (RSF) to pose as Cyanotech's "arms length" second largest shareholder of record
  • Entrenched himself as "Chairman for Life"
  • Paid RSF for their dutiful assistance, and "omerta"
  • Used his nonprofit private Skywords foundation and tax-exempt money to reduce the cost of his scheme, at taxpayer expense.

Click on the image below of Michael A. Davis,  and his RSF partners Siegfried Finser, and Mark Finser to read more about the Davis/RSF investment group's Cyanotech control scheme:


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