Sunday, October 15, 2017

Shady Michael Davis and his Corrupt Enablers need to Go

Digging ever deeper into the corrupt web that is M.A.D.'s business operations, identifying one shady character after another,  I was reminded of a few lines from John Grisham's book "The Firm."  

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

What is Michael Arlen Davis trying to hide?

The Michael Arlen Davis biography provided below was featured on the Canobie Films Foundation website, until it was replaced sometime last year. Canobie Films is Mrs Davis' documentary film company. Davis funds Canobie with a continuous stream of charitable grants from his Skywords Foundation.

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Here is the replacement biography,  presumably written ("sanitized") by one of MAD's expensive legal mercenaries:

What compelled Michael Arlen Davis to change his biography? The primary changes appear to be the removal of:
  • "He hails from NYC"
  • "He is married to acclaimed documentary director Jyll Johnestone"
  • "He doesn't speak about himself very often, so we will follow suit and end his bio here."
Was Mr Davis trying to obscure that he essentially bought his former struggling actress wife a film company,  and set her up as an "acclaimed documentary director," at taxpayer expense?

During 2002-2015, Davis funneled 32% of total Skywords Foundation charitable grant money into Canobie Films Foundation his wife Janet Jyll Johnstone's film company,  

The benefits to Mr and Mrs Davis are readily apparent. However, where is there tangible evidence of an actual  public benefit being provided?  For example, how is the public interest served by Mr and Mrs Davis traveling to the fourteen film festivals featured on the home page of Canobie Films' website? How large was their entourage?

It also seems quite possible that Mrs Davis knows little about Mr Davis' shady business activities, despite Mrs Davis being the only other Skywords Family Foundation board member besides Mr Davis.