Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Exposing Michael A. Davis' concealed takeover of Cyanotech during 2010-2011

It seems abundantly clear that during 2010-2011 Cyanotech's chairman Michael A. Davis:

  • Formed an undisclosed investment group with Rudolf Steiner Foundation (RSF),  to pursue his undisclosed Cyanotech control agenda
  • Forced out Cyanotech's prior chairman Gregg Robertson
  • Rapidly and secretly accumulated a 33% voting stake in public Cyan common stock without filing legally mandated SEC disclosure
  • Began secretly "Parking" a strategic block of public Cyan voting stock at Rudolf Steiner Foundation
  • Paid for, or donated, every single share of Cyanotech common stock held by RSF for Davis' benefit
  • Set up Rudolf Steiner Foundation (RSF) to pose as Cyanotech's "arms length" second largest shareholder of record
  • Entrenched himself as "Chairman for Life"
  • Paid RSF for their dutiful assistance, and "omerta"
  • Used his nonprofit private Skywords foundation and tax-exempt money to reduce the cost of his scheme, at taxpayer expense.

Click on the image below of Michael A. Davis,  and his RSF partners Siegfried Finser, and Mark Finser to read more about the Davis/RSF investment group's Cyanotech control scheme:


Friday, October 20, 2017

How can Michael A. Davis cycle 93% of his "charitable" grant money back to himself?

The table below provides an updated spreadsheet analysis of Michael Arlen Davis' charitable grant making during 2002-2015.  

(click on the table to review a larger, more readable version)

  • 93% of Davis/Skywords' "charity" reported during 2002-2015 went to entities MAD either controls, or heavily influences due to his payments of substantial grant money.
  • Davis appears to be accumulating a stunning amount of assets, at taxpayer expense. 
  • How is Michael Arlen Davis allowed to cycle 93% of his "charitable" grant monies to entities he controls and/or influences without triggering IRS Self Dealing penalties? 
  • It should be obvious by now to shareholders, and market regulators, that Davis and RSF were active investment group partners during 2002-2015.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Today's Steinercism: Cyanotech is a Captive Pawn in Davis' Spiritual Journey

The excerpts below from  Joe Eskenazi's "Voodoo on the Vine" explain that biodynamic agriculture is "steeped in the occult and bad science" and forms a quasi-religion for believers pursuing their own "spiritual evolution."  

"I do not discuss these things, even with my wife. It sounds kooky," says Luc Ertoran of the SOMA wine bar Terroir, a strong advocate of Biodynamic fare who firmly believes the taste of a wine is affected by the zodiac sign of the day it is uncorked. Adds the Wine Club's Daniels, "I try not to get into too much of the voodoo. It scares the customers away"...

Luke and Sue sit beneath a tree, scooping up handfuls of ripe manure and packing it tightly into cows' horns. Nearby sit four "sausages" of chamomile wrapped in cow intestines. Both will be buried around the fall equinox and unearthed on the spring equinox after having amassed "etheric and astral forces" – for which the horn serves as an amplifier...

Whether you think this is nonsensical depends entirely upon what you make of the foundations of Biodynamic agriculture. The system was essentially delivered whole in 1924, like Athena out of the head of Zeus, out of the head of Rudolf Steiner – a self-professed clairvoyant and occult philosopher from Austria who conceived of Biodynamics during his telepathic visits to the realm of spirits he claimed existed "behind" our material world...

By the late 1860s, Rudolf Steiner had seen his first ghost. Many years later, he revealed that as a kindergarten-aged boy, a female specter appeared to him in the waiting room of a railway station. He claimed one of his father's female relatives had killed herself on that very same day. From this moment on, Steiner believed he was able to communicate with the spiritual realm, where "not only external trees or external mountains speak to the human soul but also the Beings that live behind them." Later in life, he would, not surprisingly, urge his followers to read to the dead.

Before succumbing to cancer in 1925 at age 64, Steiner became an internationally known occult figure, wrote books at a Louis L'Amour clip, and delivered an astonishing 6,000 lectures in the last two decades of his life alone. His followers state that 20, 30, or even 50 years are not enough to really understand the man's work. Perhaps — but if you are disinclined to believe in karmic reincarnation, telekinesis, and rewritings of the origin of humanity and the New Testament, all described in painstaking detail thanks to Steiner's supposed clairvoyant ability to literally see the past, significantly less time is required...

Late in Steiner's life, a group of his followers asked him to address their concerns about industrialized agriculture. His 1924 series of eight lectures formed the basis of Biodynamics. The audience was already intimately familiar with Steiner's "spiritual science" worldview — they accepted his notion that he had communicated with the "elemental beings": "Gnomes," who live beneath the ground and push plants upward; shapeless "Undines," who foster budding; "Sylphs," who wither mature plants; and fire spirits, "Salamanders," who imbue seeds with the heat they need to germinate. Within these lectures, Steiner prescribed the nine biodynamic preparations. He also imparted advice such as how to rid a field of mice: A farmer should catch a young mouse, skin it, burn it, and spread the ashes about the field when "Venus is in the sign of the Scorpion." The "ashing" of insects, however, must be undertaken when "the Sun is in the sign of the Bull." This, he told the crowd, was how they used to do it back on Atlantis.

While today's Biodynamic advocates claim they produce vegetables, fruit, and meat that are more nutritious than those of conventional or organic farmers, reading Steiner's lectures strongly indicates that he was concerned not with vitamins and minerals but with food rich in "cosmic forces" and "life energy." Consuming such foods would foster man's "spiritual evolution," a progression toward recovering the clairvoyant abilities and perception of spirit realms enjoyed by our forefathers on the Lost Continent and before."

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

"Land Laundry" - A History of Shady MAD/RSF Land Trades in Mendocino County, CA

Click on the Filigreen Farm architectural drawing below to review land transactions in Mendocino County related to Michael Arlen Davis and his Rudolf Steiner Foundation partners that resemble a big "shell game."

Regarding the image below, if someone can identify a public benefit, versus a Davis benefit,  please share it in the comments section below.            


Monday, October 16, 2017

What is Shenoa LLC?

Shenoa LLC ,  c/o Ginungagap Foundation, 1621 Juanita Lane, Tiburon, CA 94920

I recently came across Shenoa LLC, and the information provided in the screenshot below.

Shenoa LLC appears held by Michael Arlen Davis' Ginungagap Foundation , and has the same registered agent, and Juanita Lane address as Davis'  Skywords,  Canobie,  Ginungagap, and a bunch of other Davis related shell entities.

Ginungagap's 2015 IRS form 990 provides no disclosure about Shenoa LLC.  However,  it is truly amazing how much information can be found today on the internet.

Click on the image below to read more:


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Shady Michael Davis and his Enablers need to Go

Digging ever deeper into the corrupt web that is M.A.D.'s business operations, identifying one shady character after another,  I was reminded of a few lines from John Grisham's book "The Firm."  

Click on the image below to read more:


Thursday, October 12, 2017

What is Michael Arlen Davis trying to hide?

The Michael Arlen Davis biography provided below was featured on the Canobie Films Foundation website, until it was replaced sometime last year. Canobie Films is Mrs Davis' documentary film company. Davis funds Canobie with a continuous stream of charitable grants from his Skywords Foundation.

(click on images to read larger versions)

Here is the replacement biography,  presumably written ("sanitized") by one of MAD's expensive legal mercenaries:

What compelled Michael Arlen Davis to change his biography? The primary changes appear to be the removal of:
  • "He hails from NYC"
  • "He is married to acclaimed documentary director Jyll Johnestone"
  • "He doesn't speak about himself very often, so we will follow suit and end his bio here."
Was Mr Davis trying to obscure that he essentially bought his former struggling actress wife a film company,  and set her up as an "acclaimed documentary director," at taxpayer expense?

During 2002-2015, Davis funneled 32% of total Skywords Foundation charitable grant money into Canobie Films Foundation his wife Janet Jyll Johnstone's film company,  

The benefits to Mr and Mrs Davis are readily apparent. However, where is there tangible evidence of an actual  public benefit being provided?  For example, how is the public interest served by Mr and Mrs Davis traveling to the fourteen film festivals featured on the home page of Canobie Films' website? How large was their entourage?

It also seems quite possible that Mrs Davis knows little about Mr Davis' shady business activities, despite Mrs Davis being the only other Skywords Family Foundation board member besides Mr Davis.