Friday, October 20, 2017

How can Michael A. Davis cycle 93% of his "charitable" grant money back to himself?

The table below provides an updated spreadsheet analysis of Michael Arlen Davis' charitable grant making during 2002-2015.  

(click on the table to review a larger, more readable version)

  • 93% of Davis/Skywords' "charity" reported during 2002-2015 went to entities MAD either controls, or heavily influences due to his payments of substantial grant money.
  • Davis appears to be accumulating a stunning amount of assets, at taxpayer expense. 
  • How is Michael Arlen Davis allowed to cycle 93% of his "charitable" grant monies to entities he controls and/or influences without triggering IRS Self Dealing penalties? 
  • It should be obvious by now to shareholders, and market regulators, that Davis and RSF were active investment group partners during 2002-2015.

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