Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The MAD-RSF Investment Partners have a Long History of Using Fronts to Obscure Their Activities

The MAD/RSF Investment Group Partners - Michael Davis, Siegfried Finser, Marc Finser

Shady Michael Davis and his shady RSF partners playing  shady "Shell Games"  

Davis and RSF share ownership of Filigreen Farm. The property is comprised of numerous parcels, one of which Davis ostensibly purchased from Alan and Stephanie Carlson, a private couple. County records show the Carlson's bought the Filigreen Farm related property in 1999 from a close affiliate of RSF for $125k, with that close affiliate providing $75k of seller financing to the Carlsons. A few years later, the Carlsons sold the property to Michael Arlen Davis/Skywords Foundation for $950k.

Here is the Carlson transaction history for 11550 Anderson Valley Way in Booneville, CA:

      8/31/1999   $125k  Carlsons purchase from Christopher Mann/Skylark
      8/31/1999    (75k)  “seller loan” provided by Christopher Mann/Skylark
      2/09/2006    $97k    cash received from mortgage refi.
     10/09/2007   $638k  cash received from mortgage refi.
     10/22/2007   $950k  cash received from sale to Davis/Skywords

It is extremely unlikely that Alan and Stephanie Carlson were an independent couple who bought #11550 Anderson Valley Way in 1999 in an "arms-length" transaction from an RSF-related entity and then sold that property to an RSF-related entity in another "arms-length" transaction. The fact that Mann's "Skylark" provided seller financing in the first transaction and RSF provided buyer financing in the second transaction makes the transfers even more suspicious.

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