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Rudolf Steiner Foundation’s Behavior appears to Communicate “Accomplice” more than “Victim”

Below is a copy and paste of a recent post on the - Cyan Yahoo Message Board - by poster "Oldwise" discussing Rudolf Steiner Foundation (RSF).  I have been planning to blog more about RSF’s role in the Michael Arlen Davis saga at Cyanotech and feel Oldwise's words provide the right place to start.

Oldwise  Post

The quotes below are from the Rudolf Steiner Foundation website - presenting RSF's investment philosophy. RSF has admitted to being a group member with Chairman of the Board, Michael Davis, and together Davis and RSF own a control block of shares. Davis is a huge donor to RSF and obviously recruited RSF to be his partner at Cyanotech. Thus, the words below are most likely the guiding principles for the company - anticipating inevitable ecological and deemphasizing growth. Explains a lot of what we've seen from the company over the years. Apparently, Davis, RSF and the rest of the board thought it was a good idea to keep us shareholders in the dark concerning their plans for the company.


"If you’ve invested in publicly traded, multinational corporations, acknowledge it and the associated risks and problems. Don’t try to make the case for the sustainability of a fundamentally flawed system."

"In the face of ecological limits and the potentially wrenching social changes that may ensue, the riskiest investments will be those that depend on the existing economic order to continue."

"GDP growth is not an inherent “God-given” right, nor is it inevitable...In the face of ecological limits, we must question whether we can reasonably expect our global economy to continue to grow as it has in the past. Unless we very rapidly figure out how to grow without using and emitting more “stuff,” we need to consider the possibility of an extended period of material economic contraction. To be blunt, this means no growth."

"We risk not being taken seriously by real investors...At this early stage in the rewriting of investment theory to address the reality of ecological limits, we must be bold and courageous."

"This new framework flies in the face of conventional theory and investment strategies. And, no matter how logical the argument or reasonable the concepts, these ideas will be dismissed by many investment professionals, including members of foundation investment committees, consultants to pensions and wealthy families, brokers, Wall Street investment bankers, and advisors to Congress and the White House."

Link: http://rsfsocialfinance.org/2010/08/23/leslie-christian-5/

Dayisun Tngri

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  1. Oldwise here. Thanks for liking my Yahoo post. I like your addition of the idea that RSF is more accomplice than a victim. That theme reminded me of a Meridian 13D filing from earlier this year where they pointed out that RSF clearly long had different stories for different audiences regarding its investment in Cyanotech. No question Davis and RSF have been working together from the beginning to conceal their joint ownership and agenda to control Cyanotech and run it according to their beliefs inspired by Rudolf Steiner.

    “RSF is Telling One Story to the SEC and Another Story to Its Donors and Supporters. RSF's filings with the SEC relating to the Cyanotech shares it holds appear to be in direct opposition to the stance RSF has taken with its donors and in public statements for more than a half-decade. Starting in 2010, RSF has been declaring loudly and proudly that it does not invest in any public company stocks.”

    RSF describes its aversion to the stock market: "We're a financial services organization that has formed a growing community of motivated, values-driven investors, donors and entrepreneurs. Together, we believe that direct , transparent and personal relationships are essential to healing the economy, one that is based on generosity and interconnectedness " (emphasis added). This theme is mirrored within an article printed in the Spring 2014 RSF Quarterly newsletter: "At RSF we often cite [Wall Street] as the antithesis of what we are trying to accomplish through our purpose of transforming the way the world works with money."

    RSF long claimed to hold no public company stocks: “RSF reiterated its claim to have divested from the stock market in 2010: "This rigorous mapping exercise also led us to sell 100% of our holdings in public equities last year.’"

    Meridian asked: “why has RSF been making SEC filings since 2011 reporting that it is a greater than 10% shareholder of publicly-traded Cyanotech? Isn't this ownership in direct contradiction to RSF's values and what it has been reporting to its donors and supporters since 2010?”

    1. Here's a link to that 13D filing:

      http://secfilings.nasdaq.com/filingFrameset.asp?FilingID=11789742&RcvdDate=1/19/2017&CoName=CYANOTECH%20CORP&FormType=SC 13D/A&View=html


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