Saturday, August 5, 2017

Follow the Michael Arlen Davis Charitable Grant Money...

"Shady is as shady does..."
IRS form 990 filings indicate the Davis-RSF investment "group" began surreptitiously acquiring commercial grade farming assets during the early 2000s, employing their purpose-built web of related nonprofit foundations to obscure beneficial ownership, and reduce cost at taxpayer expense

RSF (through their Yggdrasil Land Foundation) acquired the first portion of Filigreen Farm in 2001. Davis acquired his initial equity shares in Cyanotech in 2002.  Davis became a board member of Cyanotech the next year (2003), created Ginungagap and began financing in earnest the development of Filigreen Farm into the -"jaw dropping"- wine vineyard we see today.

In 2010/2011, when the prospects of Cyanotech improved due to to the launch and success of a new product offering, the MAD/Davis partnership’s interest shifted to Cyanotech. 

Analysis of historic MAD and RSF IRS 990 filings confirms that chairman Davis granted number two shareholder RSF a stunning $5.2 Million worth of charitable cash and stock during 2010-2011. This tax-advantaged liquidity was used to fund Davis' rapid and non-disclosed (to the SEC or other shareholders) accumulation of publicly traded Cyanotech voting stock, resulting in Davis' controlling the 33% control block that has entrenched him as Cyanotech’s chairman since 2011, with RSF playing/acting the role of  an "independant" second largest shareholder.

Chairman Davis' secret control scheme seems to have intentionally,  almost casually, violated basic securities law put into place to enforce fairness and integrity in our public stock markets, regardless of a company's size.

As though entitled by Zeus to make up the rules,  no section 13D disclosure was filed WITH the SEC at that time by Davis, RSF, or Cyanotech's board,  of Davis' now exposed control agenda, and the closely intertwined investment "group" relationship that has existed between Davis and his RSF accomplices since no later than 2001, and most likely earlier.

It is right for Cyanotech investors, employees, and the public at large to ask -- where is there evidence of a credible public benefit being met by Davis that warrants the special tax exemptions for his related nonprofit shell entities? Are Davis and RSF cheating US taxpayers by using tax exempt monies/resources to accumulate investment grade for-profit commercial farming assets (e.g. at tax payer expense) for what appears to be largely for personal benefit.

The summary data in the table below exposes the unusual size and nature of the Davis.RSF partners' sharp increase in coordinated trading activity in publicly traded Cyanotech shares during the 2010-2011 period.

Click on the following link, or the table below --- to read more about how entrenched "chairman for life" Michael Arlen Davis has used his “charitable grant making” activities to pursue his seemingly obvious personal control agenda.

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