Monday, August 7, 2017

Who is Cyanotech's entrenched "Chairman for Life" Michael Arlen Davis?

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One for you, one for me, one for you, two for me...

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Follow the Michael Arlen Davis Charitable Grant Money...

"Shady is as shady does..."
IRS form 990 filings indicate the Davis-RSF investment "group" began surreptitiously acquiring commercial grade farming assets during the early 2000s, employing their purpose-built web of related nonprofit foundations to obscure beneficial ownership, and reduce cost at taxpayer expense

RSF (through their Yggdrasil Land Foundation) acquired the first portion of Filigreen Farm in 2001. Davis acquired his initial equity shares in Cyanotech in 2002.  Davis became a board member of Cyanotech the next year (2003), created Ginungagap and began financing in earnest the development of Filigreen Farm into the -"jaw dropping"- wine vineyard we see today.

In 2010/2011, when the prospects of Cyanotech improved due to to the launch and success of a new product offering, the MAD/Davis partnership’s interest shifted to Cyanotech. 

Analysis of historic MAD and RSF IRS 990 filings confirms that chairman Davis granted number two shareholder RSF a stunning $5.2 Million worth of charitable cash and stock during 2010-2011. This tax-advantaged liquidity was used to fund Davis' rapid and non-disclosed (to the SEC or other shareholders) accumulation of publicly traded Cyanotech voting stock, resulting in Davis' controlling the 33% control block that has entrenched him as Cyanotech’s chairman since 2011, with RSF playing/acting the role of  an "independant" second largest shareholder.

Chairman Davis' secret control scheme seems to have intentionally,  almost casually, violated basic securities law put into place to enforce fairness and integrity in our public stock markets, regardless of a company's size.

As though entitled by Zeus to make up the rules,  no section 13D disclosure was filed WITH the SEC at that time by Davis, RSF, or Cyanotech's board,  of Davis' now exposed control agenda, and the closely intertwined investment "group" relationship that has existed between Davis and his RSF accomplices since no later than 2001, and most likely earlier.

It is right for Cyanotech investors, employees, and the public at large to ask -- where is there evidence of a credible public benefit being met by Davis that warrants the special tax exemptions for his related nonprofit shell entities? Are Davis and RSF cheating US taxpayers by using tax exempt monies/resources to accumulate investment grade for-profit commercial farming assets (e.g. at tax payer expense) for what appears to be largely for personal benefit.

The summary data in the table below exposes the unusual size and nature of the Davis.RSF partners' sharp increase in coordinated trading activity in publicly traded Cyanotech shares during the 2010-2011 period.

Click on the following link, or the table below --- to read more about how entrenched "chairman for life" Michael Arlen Davis has used his “charitable grant making” activities to pursue his seemingly obvious personal control agenda.

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Friday, August 4, 2017

A Potential Web of Self-Dealing Private Nonprofit Foundations Controlled by MAD/RSF

Because Michael Arlen Davis is a very "significant donor" to Rudolf Steiner Foundation,  he appears to be (by statutory definition) a - "Disqualified Person" - with respect to transactions with RSF, and its related entities.

It is right to ask whether or not transactions between related MAD and RSF 501(C)(3) private nonprofit foundations are - "Self Dealing" - in nature, and therefore in violation of IRS rules.

Click on the image below of Davis' Filigreen Farm house plans to review financial data outlining the web of related private nonprofit foundations controlled by Davis/RSF.  

Regarding the image below, if someone can identify a public benefit, please share in the comments section.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Chairman Michael Arlen Davis' Concealed Takeover of Cyanotech during 2010-2011

Review of the historical record makes it seem clear, at least to a reasonable and non-conflicted person, that during 2010-2011 Cyanotech's chairman Michael Arlen Davis:
  • Forced out the company's prior chairman
  • Rapidly accumulated Cyanotech publicly traded shares without filing legally mandated SEC disclosure.
  • Set up and funded Rudolf Steiner Foundation to play the role of Cyanotech's "arms length" second largest shareholder of record.
  • Began "Parking" a strategic block of public Cyan voting stock at Rudolf Steiner Foundation.
  • Entrenched himself as "Chairman for Life" with more/less a 33% voting control stake in public Cyan stock.
  • Paid for, or donated, every single share of Cyanotech common stock held by RSF for Davis' benefit.
Additionally, the historical record amplifies claims presented in Meridian's many SEC 13D and Nevada Federal Court filings that Cyanotech's chairman Davis has been closely assisted in an apparent stock "Parking" scheme by his longtime investment group and cult-like "spiritual" partners Rudolf Steiner Foundation.

Cyanotech has a lot of potential as an investment. However,  this reasonable person's enthusiasm is tempered because Cyanotech's bright potential cannot be realized until Davis is gone from the board, and his keys are taken away, which is what should happen given chairman Davis' exposed investment activities around Cyanotech,  starting in 2002, and most notably during 2010-2011.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Davis-RSF Investment "Group" Operating Model

It seems obvious to a reasonable and non-conflicted person that Michael Arlen Davis created an investment  “group” with RSF related to publicly traded Cyanotech stock in 2010, when Davis began “parking” Cyan stock with RSF, as necessary, in an apparent scheme to maintain chairman Davis’ direct holdings below the 20% ownership limitation created by Internal Revenue Code Section 4943.  

Click on the image below to read more about the operating model employed by the Davis/RSF investment "group" partners:

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Rudolf Steiner Foundation’s Behavior appears to Communicate “Accomplice” more than “Victim”

Below is a copy and paste of a recent post on the - Cyan Yahoo Message Board - by poster "Oldwise" discussing Rudolf Steiner Foundation (RSF).  I have been planning to blog more about RSF’s role in the Michael Arlen Davis saga at Cyanotech and feel Oldwise's words provide the right place to start.

Oldwise  Post

The quotes below are from the Rudolf Steiner Foundation website - presenting RSF's investment philosophy. RSF has admitted to being a group member with Chairman of the Board, Michael Davis, and together Davis and RSF own a control block of shares. Davis is a huge donor to RSF and obviously recruited RSF to be his partner at Cyanotech. Thus, the words below are most likely the guiding principles for the company - anticipating inevitable ecological and deemphasizing growth. Explains a lot of what we've seen from the company over the years. Apparently, Davis, RSF and the rest of the board thought it was a good idea to keep us shareholders in the dark concerning their plans for the company.


"If you’ve invested in publicly traded, multinational corporations, acknowledge it and the associated risks and problems. Don’t try to make the case for the sustainability of a fundamentally flawed system."

"In the face of ecological limits and the potentially wrenching social changes that may ensue, the riskiest investments will be those that depend on the existing economic order to continue."

"GDP growth is not an inherent “God-given” right, nor is it inevitable...In the face of ecological limits, we must question whether we can reasonably expect our global economy to continue to grow as it has in the past. Unless we very rapidly figure out how to grow without using and emitting more “stuff,” we need to consider the possibility of an extended period of material economic contraction. To be blunt, this means no growth."

"We risk not being taken seriously by real investors...At this early stage in the rewriting of investment theory to address the reality of ecological limits, we must be bold and courageous."

"This new framework flies in the face of conventional theory and investment strategies. And, no matter how logical the argument or reasonable the concepts, these ideas will be dismissed by many investment professionals, including members of foundation investment committees, consultants to pensions and wealthy families, brokers, Wall Street investment bankers, and advisors to Congress and the White House."


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