Sunday, July 9, 2017

Today's Steinercism: Biodynamic Farming, Witchcraft or Cult?

Cult of Biodynamics: Future of farming or agrarian organic witchcraft?
Article by Antonio Saltini, Genetic Literacy Project

Steiner's Manure Goat Horns
"Biodynamics is "the organic movement on steroids—a celebration of all things “natural”—whatever that means—and a rejection of many of the most rudimentary forms of modern agriculture...Anthroposophy is at heart an esoteric crypto-religious organization based on a mystical and racist view of humanity and an astrological and clairvoyant view of understanding science.  Anthroposophy embraces the literal existence of gnomes, that the British Isles floats on the sea, homeopathy works, and burning mice ritually will protect your crops from them. And if you follow this philosophy, you will be reincarnated as a Northern European Aryan.

Horns Are Buried Through Winter
To Absorb "Cosmic Power"
For those who work in the agricultural sector – that is, actual farmers and buyers and sellers of imagesagricultural produce – “biodynamics” is infamous for its oddity. It’s adherents, known as adepts, see the arrival of autumn as the time to set about burying within their fields an animal organ stuffed with rotting plants, leaving it there throughout the winter so that it can absorb the beneficial influences bountifully supplied by the stars in the invernal heavens...The recipient used to capture these astral energies varies in accordance with the type of crop one hopes to grow. For example, one might use an ox skull, a stag’s bladder (the more elaborately branched the animal’s antlers, the better) or even a horn...

One should point out that biodynamicists fall into two categories. There are the “practical” adepts – that is, those who are more than happy to bury putrefying animal parts in their fields in order to take advantage of the increasing number of subsidies regional governments make available for “ethical agriculture”. Then there are those who are genuine believers in Rudolf Steiner’s “anthroposophy”, a doctrine that is concerned not simply with producing crops imbued with astral powers but with the modeling of humanity..."


  1. It's all starting to make sense! Cyanotech is being controlled by a guy that thinks burying manure in steer horns creates cosmic good. No wonder the company's management can't raise performance. Davis doesn't care about growth and profit, all he cares about are mystic spirits, cosmic forces and his own spiritual identity.

  2. MAD is also a greedy guy who cares a great deal about money and tax schemes. Everyone else should decouple from Wall Street and not care about money. MAD will throw himself on the grenade and take care of the money and assets.


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