Thursday, July 13, 2017

Michael Arlen Davis' Altruism appears Mostly to Himself

The "Table of 18 Million Truths:"

Review of IRS Form 990 filings made by Davis/RSF during 2003 - 2014, for their various tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit entities, reveals that Michael Arelen Davis made over $18 Million of tax-exempt charitable grants.

During the eleven year period studied, approximately 93% of all charitable grants reported to the IRS by Michael Arlen Davis' Skywords Family Foundation went to entities controlled by and/or related to  1) chairman Michael Arlen Davis, Cyanotech's largest shareholder, and  2) Rudolf Steiner Foundation,  Cyanotech's second largest shareholder of record.

In other words, about 93 cents of every $1.00 charitably granted by Michael Arlen Davis during the 2003 - 2014 period went to entities controlled by, or related to, Michael Arlen Davis and Rudolf  Steiner Foundation

The comments section below this post is available for anyone who cares to explain the public benefit that warrants the special tax treatment for Chairman Davis.

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  1. So, if I understand this, Davis' money flows into a nonprofit that he uses to finance his takeover of entities including Rudolf Steiner Foundation and Cyanotech? And the IRS lets him do this? Does this explain why Davis is so careful in preventing Cyanotech from being successful - so that it doesn't make any money and attract attention?

  2. Davis gained entrenched control of Cyanotech by secretly acquiring a 30%+ voting control position in the stock. Davis funded this accumulation of shares through his non-profit 501(c)(3) Skywords Family Foundation. He also camouflaged his investment activities around the company by engaging in a non-disclosed "Stock Parking" scheme with Rudolf Steiner Foundation. No, Davis does not own RSF, but he is an influential donor to RSF who has granted them many $millions of dollars. As a significant donor to RSF, Davis appears to meet the letter and intent of the IRS' definition of a Disqualified Person. It is reasonable to believe he should not be transacting with RSF nearly as much as he does.


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