Thursday, August 3, 2017

Chairman Michael Arlen Davis' Concealed Takeover of Cyanotech during 2010-2011

Review of the historical record makes it seem clear, at least to a reasonable and non-conflicted person, that during 2010-2011 Cyanotech's chairman Michael Arlen Davis:
  • Forced out the company's prior chairman
  • Rapidly accumulated Cyanotech publicly traded shares without filing legally mandated SEC disclosure.
  • Set up and funded Rudolf Steiner Foundation to play the role of Cyanotech's "arms length" second largest shareholder of record.
  • Began "Parking" a strategic block of public Cyan voting stock at Rudolf Steiner Foundation.
  • Entrenched himself as "Chairman for Life" with more/less a 33% voting control stake in public Cyan stock.
  • Paid for, or donated, every single share of Cyanotech common stock held by RSF for Davis' benefit.
Additionally, the historical record amplifies claims presented in Meridian's many SEC 13D and Nevada Federal Court filings that Cyanotech's chairman Davis has been closely assisted in an apparent stock "Parking" scheme by his longtime investment group and cult-like "spiritual" partners Rudolf Steiner Foundation.

Cyanotech has a lot of potential as an investment. However,  this reasonable person's enthusiasm is tempered because Cyanotech's bright potential cannot be realized until Davis is gone from the board, and his keys are taken away, which is what should happen given chairman Davis' exposed investment activities around Cyanotech,  starting in 2002, and most notably during 2010-2011.

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