Sunday, July 30, 2017

Could Founder Gerald Cysewski be a Victim of "Stockholm Syndrome"?

Stockholm Syndrome:  Feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim towards a captor.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Korn Ferry's David L. Vied Appears to have a Glaring Conflict of Interest on Cyanotech's Board

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Korn Ferry Executive David L. Vied

Friday, July 14, 2017

Today's Steinercism: Survey of Anthroposophy Beliefs and History

Peter Staudenmaier, Anthroposophy and Ecofascism

Rudolf Steiner
In light of this broad public exposure, it is perhaps surprising that the ideological underpinnings of anthroposophy are not better known. Anthroposophists themselves, however, view their highly esoteric doctrine as an "occult science" suitable only for a spiritually enlightened elite. The very name "anthroposophy" suggests to many outsiders a humanist orientation...Its rejection of reason in favor of mystical experience, its subordination of human action to supernatural forces, and its thoroughly hierarchical model of spiritual development all mark anthroposophy as inimical to humanist values...

The centerpiece of anthroposophical belief is spiritual advancement through karma and reincarnation, supplemented by the access to esoteric knowledge available to a privileged few. The spiritual dimension, in fact, suffuses every aspect of life. For anthroposophists every illness, physical or mental, is karmically determined and plays a role in the soul's development. Natural processes, historical events, and technological mechanisms are all explained through the action of spirits. Students in Waldorf schools are taught, for example, that good spirits live inside of candles and demons live inside of fluorescent light bulbs--an instance of the anti-technological bias that runs throughout anthroposophical thought...

Anthroposophists maintain that Steiner's familiarity with the "astral plane," with the workings of various "archangels," with daily life on the lost continent of Atlantis (all central tenets of anthroposophic belief) came from his special powers of clairvoyance. Steiner claimed to have access to the "Akasha Chronicle," a supernatural scripture containing knowledge of higher realms of existence as well as of the distant past and future. Steiner "interpreted" much of this chronicle and shared it with his followers. He insisted that such "occult experience," as he called it, could never be judged or verified by reason, logic, or scientific inquiry. Modern anthroposophy is thus founded on blind faith in Steiner's convictions. Those convictions deserve closer examination...

The curriculum at Waldorf schools is structured around the stages of spiritual maturation posited by anthroposophy: from one to seven years a child develops her or his physical body, from seven to fourteen years the ethereal body, and from fourteen to twenty-one the astral body. These stages are supposed to be marked by physical changes; thus kindergartners at Waldorf schools can't enter first grade until they've lost all their baby teeth...

Next to Waldorf schools, the most widespread and apparently progressive version of applied anthroposophy is biodynamic agriculture. In Germany and North America, at least, biodynamics is an established part of the alternative agriculture scene. Many small growers use biodynamic methods on their farms or gardens; there are biodynamic vineyards and the Demeter line of biodynamic food products, as well as a profusion of pamphlets, periodicals and conferences on the theory and practice of biodynamic farming.

Although not a farmer himself, Steiner introduced the fundamental outlines of biodynamics near the end of his life and produced a substantial body of literature on the topic, which anthroposophists and biodynamic growers follow more or less faithfully. Biodynamics in practice often converges with the broader principles of organic farming. Its focus on maintaining soil fertility rather than on crop yield, its rejection of artificial chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and its view of the whole farm or plot as an ecosystem all mark the biodynamic approach as an eminently sensible and ecologically sound method of cultivation. But there is more to the story than that.

Biodynamic farming is based on Steiner's revelation of invisible cosmic forces and their effects on soil and flora. Anthroposophy teaches that the earth is an organism that breathes twice a day, that ethereal beings act upon the land, and that celestial bodies and their movements directly influence the growth of plants. Hence biodynamic farmers time their sowing to coincide with the proper planetary constellations, all a part of what they consider "the spiritual natural processes of the earth." Sometimes this "spiritual" approach takes unusual forms, as in the case of "preparation 500."

To make preparation 500, an integral component of anthroposophist agriculture, biodynamic farmers pack cow manure into a steer's horn and bury it in the ground. After leaving it there for one whole winter, they dig up the horn and mix the manure with water (it must be stirred for a full hour in a specific rhythm) to make a spray which is applied to the topsoil. All of this serves to channel "radiations which tend to etherealize and astralize" and thus "gather up and attract from the surrounding earth all that is ethereal and life-giving."

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Michael Arlen Davis' Altruism appears Mostly to Himself

The "Table of 18 Million Truths:"

Review of IRS Form 990 filings made by Davis/RSF during 2003 - 2014, for their various tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit entities, reveals that Michael Arelen Davis made over $18 Million of tax-exempt charitable grants.

During the eleven year period studied, approximately 93% of all charitable grants reported to the IRS by Michael Arlen Davis' Skywords Family Foundation went to entities controlled by and/or related to  1) chairman Michael Arlen Davis, Cyanotech's largest shareholder, and  2) Rudolf Steiner Foundation,  Cyanotech's second largest shareholder of record.

In other words, about 93 cents of every $1.00 charitably granted by Michael Arlen Davis during the 2003 - 2014 period went to entities controlled by, or related to, Michael Arlen Davis and Rudolf  Steiner Foundation

The comments section below this post is available for anyone who cares to explain the public benefit that warrants the special tax treatment for Chairman Davis.

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Today's Steinercism: Biodynamic Farming, Witchcraft or Cult?

Cult of Biodynamics: Future of farming or agrarian organic witchcraft?
Article by Antonio Saltini, Genetic Literacy Project

Steiner's Manure Goat Horns
"Biodynamics is "the organic movement on steroids—a celebration of all things “natural”—whatever that means—and a rejection of many of the most rudimentary forms of modern agriculture...Anthroposophy is at heart an esoteric crypto-religious organization based on a mystical and racist view of humanity and an astrological and clairvoyant view of understanding science.  Anthroposophy embraces the literal existence of gnomes, that the British Isles floats on the sea, homeopathy works, and burning mice ritually will protect your crops from them. And if you follow this philosophy, you will be reincarnated as a Northern European Aryan.

Horns Are Buried Through Winter
To Absorb "Cosmic Power"
For those who work in the agricultural sector – that is, actual farmers and buyers and sellers of imagesagricultural produce – “biodynamics” is infamous for its oddity. It’s adherents, known as adepts, see the arrival of autumn as the time to set about burying within their fields an animal organ stuffed with rotting plants, leaving it there throughout the winter so that it can absorb the beneficial influences bountifully supplied by the stars in the invernal heavens...The recipient used to capture these astral energies varies in accordance with the type of crop one hopes to grow. For example, one might use an ox skull, a stag’s bladder (the more elaborately branched the animal’s antlers, the better) or even a horn...

One should point out that biodynamicists fall into two categories. There are the “practical” adepts – that is, those who are more than happy to bury putrefying animal parts in their fields in order to take advantage of the increasing number of subsidies regional governments make available for “ethical agriculture”. Then there are those who are genuine believers in Rudolf Steiner’s “anthroposophy”, a doctrine that is concerned not simply with producing crops imbued with astral powers but with the modeling of humanity..."

Saturday, July 8, 2017

CYAN is a Captive Subsidiary of the Davis/RSF Nonprofit Partnership

"Emperor for Life" Idi Amin Dada
Is it an accident that Cyanotech badly underperforms as a publicly-traded stock?  Isn't the company doing exactly what "Chairman for Life," Michael Arlen Davis (MAD), wants the company to do - and that is to operate as a captive subsidiary of the nonprofit partnership MAD has created with Rudolf Steiner Foundation (RSF)?

MAD and RSF began working together to acquire their 33% "group" interest in Cyanotech in 2010, but they began working together as partners nearly 10 years earlier with their first project, owning and operating Filigreen Farm.

The purpose of the MAD/RSF partnership is to for each to assist the other in pursuing their shared Steinerite agenda.  Pursuing and promote the ideas of its namesake, Rudolf Steiner is the sole reason RSF exists.   RSF has no interest or reason to pursue profits on its "investment" in Cyanotech - it lives off the donations of its charitable sponsors.  It isn't even possible for RSF to earn a profit, all the shares it holds were paid for by MAD and are subject to written agreements providing that the benefit of the shares it holds revert back to another entity controlled by MAD.

Read More: The Davis web of Non-Profits

RSF's is actually breaking its own rules by working with MAD on Cyanotech.  In 2011, RSF announced publicly that it would no longer hold positions in public company stocks. RSF is breaking this policy in a very big way with Cyanotech.  It is not just a public company, Cyanotech is probably the largest stock position RSF has ever held, it is probably represents the longest period RSF has ever held a stock, and it is the only time RSF has ever held more than 5% of a public company.  With a current 16.2% ownership position, Cyanotech almost certainly stands alone as an extremely unique investment situation for RSF.

So, what is RSF thinking? Most likely that Cyanotech is a wonderful extension of RSF's partnership with MAD at Filigreen Farm. Cyanotech is the second jewel in the partnership's crown - the first a vineyard in the rolling Northern California hills of Mendocino County, the second an algae-grower located on the sunny Kailua Kona coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. What wonderful places these are to promote the Steinerite agenda of biodynamic farming! MAD is a huge donor to RSF and thus, obviously, very supportive of its Steinerite agenda.  This fact is further proven by MAD's--long partnership with RSF to jointly develop and own Filigreen Farm-- as a biodynamic demonstration project.

Now that it has been exposed, the agenda of MAD and RSF at Cyanotech is obvious.  As is the explanation for the extremely poor performance of Cyanotech under MAD's leadership. Cyanotech is not being run as a for-profit public company, it is being run as a captive subsidiary of the nonprofit partnership of MAD and RSF.

It is unbelievable that MAD and RSF thought they could get away with this.  It is not allowed for affiliated nonprofits to own more than 20% of an operating business.  It is not allowed for parties working together as a "group" at a public company to fail to disclose that fact.  It is not allowed for a company to withhold from its shareholders material information such as a Steinerite agenda affecting performance.

Ultimately, what is most amazing about the situation at Cyanotech is the directors that are doing nothing to protect the interests of the company's outside shareholders.  Initially, it could be rationalized that they just didn't know any better - but now one has to ask whether their inaction, their refusal to act as proper fiduciaries, doesn't indicate they are complicit with the MAD/RSF agenda.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Today’s Steinercism: Cosmic Magic – Cow Horns, Manure and Water Vortexes

  1. Michael Arlen Davis (MAD) and Rudolf Steiner Foundation (RSF) secretly accumulated a combined 33% control stake in Cyanotech so that they would be able to direct the company’s operations.  
  2. MAD and RSF are long-term closely-aligned partners dedicated to the ideas of their hero, Rudolf Steiner, including Steiner's teachings around biodynamic farming.  Before Cyanotech, they joined together as co-owners of Filigreen Farm, a biodynamic vineyard in Mendocino County, California. 
  3. Under Davis’ leadership, Cyanotech has severely underperformed the market. 
  4. So, why is Cyanotech's board of directors so committed to keeping MAD around? What does MAD bring to Cyanotech besides crisis, controversy and poor performance?  Is the answer MAD's expertise in biodynamic farming - do they need someone to collect and stir the manure?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Looks Like Davis Knows He is Losing

Review of recent Nevada Court filings on  PacerMonitor reveals that Davis recently fired/replaced his Nevada lawyers.  PacerMonitor offers a valuable service for anyone interested in researching Federal Court cases, including non-lawyers.

The Nevada Court Case filings relating to defendant Michael Arlen Davis should be required reading for anyone interested in a detailed history of his activities around Cyanotech, and exploring what it might be like to do business with its "Dear Leader" Michael Arlen Davis (MAD).

MAD is being sued for failing to make proper disclosures relating to his holdings in Cyanotech, in particular the fact that he has been “Parking Securities" with Rudolf Steiner Foundation (RSF) since 2010.  

Can you believe that RSF is the company’s second largest shareholder, with 16.2% of all outstanding shares, and it has never paid a penny for any of those shares?  MAD bought and paid for every single share – yet, until he was sued by the company's third largest shareholder, he never disclosed to anyone that he and RSF were working together.
To date, Davis’ defense in the litigation has been mostly playing word games – he’s been caught dead to rights, but is trying to talk his way out of trouble by claiming it is Meridian that is the bad guy.  How dare they challenge Dear Leader’s absolute control over the company.
 Well, that strategy doesn’t seem to be working, so now Davis has hired someone that could quite possibly be the most expensive litigation attorney in his home turf of San Francisco. Anna Erickson White, of Morrison Foerster, apparently known in the trade as "MoFo", has more than 20 years of experience in securities and other complex, high-stakes civil litigation. In addition to her practice, Ms. White currently serves on the firm’s executive committee and board of directors. She has also twice served as a firmwide managing partner, from 2006 to 2009 and 2012 to 2015.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Great Job Cyanotech Board of Directors

Obvious Hyperbole. They do not actually do this ;-)

As you prepare to meet and renominate yourselves to another year serving as "fiduciaries" to the shareholders of Cyanotech Corporation, please note the chart below presenting a current measure of your market defying performance. It shows the deterioration of Cyanotech's stock price performance and trading liquidity since the surprise April 4, 2016 announcement of former CEO Bailey's resignation.

Lucky for you, "Dear Leader" Michael Arlen Davis (MAD) appreciates the job you are doing – he and his recently exposed,  and long-time investment “group” partners Rudolph Steiner Foundation, are likely to be the only shareholders voting for you.

CYAN Stock Price and Trading Volume is Down Substantially since CEO Bailey Resignation `

Sunday, July 2, 2017

CYAN’s CEOs: No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished

While working on the post below, I noticed the three spikes up,  and then down,  in Cyanotech's stock chart over the last ten years.  Other than these moments of fleeting hope for shareholders,  Cyanotech's stock has been flat or down.  On observing the upticks, my mind leapt to a theory,  one validated by my collection and review of available data.

As shown in the chart below, two of the three upticks in Cyanotech's stock price preceded the termination of the company's CEO.  Both Andrew Jacobson and Brent Bailey were fired shortly after their efforts had resulted in business success, new opportunities, and increased interest from public market investors in Cyanotech's business and prospects.

Maybe the agenda at Cyanotech does not include growth, profits and public market success?  Maybe CEOs that deliver those things are not wanted at Cyanotech?  Maybe when a CEO at Cyanotech shows too much ability, that CEO gets fired?

Anyway, the folks in charge at Cyanotech appear to have done what they always do – the stock is back to its normal decline and flatline.  Who would be surprised to see Davis buy more shares at these depressed prices – maybe that is what this game is really about?

5/19/2008  -- Andrew Jacobson hired as CEO
 3/1/2010   -- Andrew Jacobson removed as CEO
11/8/2010  -- Brent Bailey hired as CEO
2011-2015 -- Price Surge related to increased demand for Astaxanthin
4/14/2016  -- Brent Bailey removed as CEO

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Funny, Absurd Image, Obvious Hyperbole, Kim is much better looking ;-0

Saturday, July 1, 2017

CYAN Performance Under Michael Arlen Davis

Not so much Hyerbole

 2003 - 2017

Under the leadership of Dear Leader, Michael Arlen Davis (MAD), beginning in March 2003, Cyanotech's stock price has declined 54.5%.  Cyanotech trades on the Nasdaq stock market.  During the same period the Nasdaq has increased 333%.