Monday, July 3, 2017

Great Job Cyanotech Board of Directors

Obvious Hyperbole. They do not actually do this ;-)

As you prepare to meet and renominate yourselves to another year serving as "fiduciaries" to the shareholders of Cyanotech Corporation, please note the chart below presenting a current measure of your market defying performance. It shows the deterioration of Cyanotech's stock price performance and trading liquidity since the surprise April 4, 2016 announcement of former CEO Bailey's resignation.

Lucky for you, "Dear Leader" Michael Arlen Davis (MAD) appreciates the job you are doing – he and his recently exposed,  and long-time investment “group” partners Rudolph Steiner Foundation, are likely to be the only shareholders voting for you.

CYAN Stock Price and Trading Volume is Down Substantially since CEO Bailey Resignation `