Sunday, July 2, 2017

CYAN’s CEOs: No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished

While working on the post below, I noticed the three spikes up,  and then down,  in Cyanotech's stock chart over the last ten years.  Other than these moments of fleeting hope for shareholders,  Cyanotech's stock has been flat or down.  On observing the upticks, my mind leapt to a theory,  one validated by my collection and review of available data.

As shown in the chart below, two of the three upticks in Cyanotech's stock price preceded the termination of the company's CEO.  Both Andrew Jacobson and Brent Bailey were fired shortly after their efforts had resulted in business success, new opportunities, and increased interest from public market investors in Cyanotech's business and prospects.

Maybe the agenda at Cyanotech does not include growth, profits and public market success?  Maybe CEOs that deliver those things are not wanted at Cyanotech?  Maybe when a CEO at Cyanotech shows too much ability, that CEO gets fired?

Anyway, the folks in charge at Cyanotech appear to have done what they always do – the stock is back to its normal decline and flatline.  Who would be surprised to see Davis buy more shares at these depressed prices – maybe that is what this game is really about?

5/19/2008  -- Andrew Jacobson hired as CEO
 3/1/2010   -- Andrew Jacobson removed as CEO
11/8/2010  -- Brent Bailey hired as CEO
2011-2015 -- Price Surge related to increased demand for Astaxanthin
4/14/2016  -- Brent Bailey removed as CEO

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